Thrill Weekly Polls-Vote in the Attraction of the Year Finals of 2013!


Which attraction would you say is the best this year? It doesn’t have to be a new attraction, or a roller coaster. It can be a show, or water park ride. It can be an interactive experience! These are all attractions, and they are meant to attract visitors to your local theme parks. We asked you to nominate what you felt was the Attraction of the Year. Wow. Did you ever! This week we’re asking you to choose the best, of the best. Which attractions made the cut for Attraction of the year? You decided, now it’s time to decide which one will be crowned the Attraction of the Year for 2013!

This year we received well over a thousand nominations for the Attraction of the Year! More than any other year so far! While we would love to nominate every single attraction, we had to narrow it down to the top 30, as chosen by you!

It’s always interesting to see which attractions are nominated, and which ones have a huge following behind them.


Vote for your favorite!

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The theme park industry is made up of so many different types of attractions, and while many other polls tend to concentrate on roller coasters, it’s always surprising to see the variety of attractions nominated each year. New Rides, Old rides, dark rides, water rides, coasters, just about every type of ride nominated. As long as it was opened for the majority of the season, it qualified! Only one, however, can be the Attraction of the Year!


Votes can be made once a day for the duration of the poll, so we fully encourage all to come back daily and vote for your favorite park. If you are with a nominated park, we strongly recommend encouraging your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other social media outlets to vote for you daily. After all, if your fans do not know your park is nominated, they can’t vote for you!

The polls will close on Sunday November 17th at 11:59 p.m. EST.
Have fun and Good luck!