Legendary Truth starts new investigations-Could HHN 23 games already be in play?


The new year has just started, which makes Halloween only ten months away, and Haunt Season 9 months away. But strange things are afoot on the official Legendary Truth Facebook page as new activity and warnings are being issued. Could Legendary Truth be staging a long term investigation to last all the way until September? What exactly could they be investigating? What does all this have to do with Halloween Horror Nights?




Legendary Truth:The Collective, is a viral promotional series of events that Universal Orlando used for Halloween Horror Nights beginning in 2008 and continuing in 2010. Legendary Truth:The Collective was responsible for investigating different classes of manifestations, all related to Halloween Horror Nights Icons. In 2008, The Collective investigated the office of Dr. Mary Agana (Bloody Mary) and saw a full fledged full body manifestation. In 2010, the Collective was hot on the trail of something new when suddenly members started disappearing. The manifestation of FEAR himself did happen, but Legendary Truth had seemed to all but disband. The group was responsible for investigating “The Wyandot Estate” a haunted maze that was part of HHN XX:20 Years of Fear.

With the website gone, the group disbanded and no activity seen in at least two years, Legendary Truth seemed to disappear into the Legend side of the truth. In 2012, as part of HHN 22 a new game had been developed, designed to reward the faithful fans for all their dedication and research. Online games, combined with in park tasks and RFID scanners made for a hugely fun and popular activity while waiting in the massive lines for houses. Still, while all this was fun, it didn’t seem to have a mark at all of Legendary Truth and many were content to keep on the trail of what Horror Unearthed was accomplishing.


In November the Horror Unearthed online game came to an end, and in the place of an opened crypt visitors to the site were met with a wall and a fence with a stern warning. The party responsible for the sign? No not another Universal construction crew…Legendary Truth. Many fan groups went into hysterics about the sign and starting debating on when an update would come from Legendary Truth themselves. The answer came today in the form of a Facebook warning





Due to unprecedented, dangerous and extraordinary T.C.E. Level 1 activity over the past 12 months, Legendary Truth – The Collective senior staff has suspended LT-TC Mission Statement by-law 1.3.3.  Unauthorized public dissemination of previously confidential research data has resulted in a temporary freeze of all investigations, analyses and reporting.

Existing registered CROs, CFOs and CCOs will retain their status within the organization but are currently under a comprehensive reevaluation of individual background information, recent communications and behavior.  As always, we welcome new members.

Standby for further communication…


The unprecedented, dangerous and extraordinary activity? Excavation case 32910-HUL1….or as you know it, the Iniquitus-The main forces responsible for the fear and legions of horror unleashed at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. In even more lamens terms-the creatures who were released by all the damn construction Universal has been doing over the past year.

But what’s been going on? Why is everything seem so angry and locked down? Apparently it’s because of all the public information that’s been flying around about The Collective and the fact that so many higher level members have disappeared in 2010. All current officers are still officers, but are all under investigation. It seems like dangerous times for the Collective.

This is all very good news for Halloween Horror Nights fans. The event typically doesn’t start giving clues and ramping up until at least July or August. If fans are getting tidbits about the event, as little as they may be, it’s going to mean big things for the event come September.

Over the past two years, the event has gone through several changes, with last year being the biggest change. No defined scare zones were set up, instead with several Legions roaming through different areas. There was also the fact that last year became the first year of no limits within the park….with very few exceptions. The actors scared in the streets, in line for rides, in line for houses and even in restaurants. While many (and boy do we mean many) fans were angry at the fact of no scare zones, it didn’t stop people from coming out in droves, and actually led to the event being sold out on a few nights. While fans didn’t seem happy, they went anyway..and they went bigger than ever. It seemed to be a learning experience, one that the park is very likely to take with them into HHN 23.

So what will this year hold? We can only wait to see, and it’s going to be interesting to see what shape the event takes and what is rumor…and what becomes truth.

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