Harlem Shake; The Attraction Editions…



Harlem Shake videos are popping up everywhere. By now, everyone has probably heard of or seen the catchy videos. Who started this madness? We have you answer, and you will be shocked to find out who is partaking in the creation some of the viral Harlem Shake videos!

23 year old Harry Rodrigues, who goes by the stage name “Baauer,” is the man responsible for the Harlem Shake phenomenon. Baauer, who was once a Philadelphia native, released “Harlem Shake” last May, four months before a New York Times music critic identified him as a rising star on the underground Brooklyn EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music). Few outsiders knew of “Harlem Shakes” existence until February 2, 2012, when a satirical blogger named Filthy Frank, who performs video skits in a pink body suit, posted a YouTube clip of himself and friends grooving to the tune.

Within 10 days, spinoffs were created by everyone from firefighters and Norwegian soldiers on cross-country skis to college students and cubicle-bound office workers! The videos were being uploaded at the staggering rate of 4,000 per day. In every 30-second clip, the concept is largely the same: a masked or helmeted individual boogies solo in the midst of disinterested bystanders, until the cue of the words “Harlem shake,” which the video then cuts to the whole group dancing wildly. Baauer’s single, meanwhile, leaped into the iTunes Top 10 charts in North America, Europe and Australia. Recently the staff at various theme parks and attractions have jumped on the band wagon joining the Harlem Shake phenomenon.



Dorney Park Edition


Employees at SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas have created their own version of the viral video, starring the tourist attraction’s sea lions and a walrus.

Sea World San Antonio


Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Six Flags Great America Chicago


It appears that the guys over at attractions magazine have had enough…

Attractions Magazine



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