650 foot roller coaster proposed for Las Vegas


The world’s tallest roller coaster is currently Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. It towers over the park at a whopping 456 feet. With advances in technology happening every day, it’s possible that one day Kingda Ka could be dethroned from holding the record of tallest roller coaster.

A 650 foot roller coaster has been proposed for Las Vegas according to The roller coaster, ‘poleR coaster’, was thought up by US Thrill Rides with the intention of having all the thrills of a classic roller coaster, but within an extremely small footprint.

While no plans are solid yet, this could be huge for Las Vegas and thrill seekers around the globe if the ride is approved and built.

Check out this video:

The coaster would be more than just a coaster, however. According to US Thrill Rides, it’s two attractions in one: a roller coaster and an observation tower with space for a single floor of retail shops. It also has the potential to be part of an impressive light show. It is estimated to have a capacity of between 850 and 1,600 passengers per hour.

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