The Walking Dead at Comic Con! A rundown of the panel, and what you can expect in Season 4


For the second year in a row The Walking Dead has a huge presence at San Diego Comic Con. Fans lined up for the big Hall H presentation as early as 3a.m. Thursday morning, with a line that stretched over a mile long. The anticipation was well worth it, as AMC rolled out a very special sneak preview for Season 4 of The Walking Dead, along with the entire cast and crew. So what does this season hold for the little zombie T.V. show?


Comic Con Banner TWD

Season 4 of The Walking Dead will kick off on Sunday, October 13th and will last 16 seasons. The cast and crew were on hand at San Diego Comic Con to talk about the new season, which will see our favorite characters and introduce new ones to a changing world. Since the world ended, our characters have seen many changes and have overcome so many obstacles. As the world continues to fold in on itself, the characters are faced with new challenges and new questions as they have to decide to build a life at the prison, or turn and run.

While many Halloween Horror Nights fansites were claiming that a new experience would be announced for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Comic Con, it wasn’t. If there is going to be Walking Dead House at this year’s event, it will be announced later.

Here are some highlights from the Panel:

  • David Morrissey will be playing the Governor again-He’s out there, and the things that happened to his daughter, and to him personally will change who he is. There are no clues to when he will appear
  • Darryl becomes more of an integral character-Darryl is becoming a noble, reliable man, something that may not have happened to him if the world hadn’t ended. “No one is the same as they were in the first season,” says Norman Reedus, who plays Darryl “That’s really a delight for me.”
  • Don’t get too comfortable with any character-Things will happen so fast this season that you never know what’s going to happen.
  • There will be some amazing new zombie effects-Greg Nicotero is back as well this season, and he promises some new looks and things that haven’t been seen on the show before. “24 hours ago we shot one of the coolest walker gags ever,” said Nicotero of his new scenes.

The panel also had the world premiere of the new Season 4 Trailer, which shows off many new characters and some very intense situations:

So what do you hope happens in the new season of The Walking Dead? Are you rooting for more Darryl? How about more of the Governor? Do you hope he dances?

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