D23 Expo teases Star Wars, Avatar and more-Be sure to follow along!


The 3rd D23 Expo hits this weekend in Anaheim. Already the media who was able to preview have been tempted, teased and driven mad at the amount of teases that have been happening. The D23 Expo will bring a plethora of new things from all over the Disney spectrum, the most watched of which will be the theme parks and resorts presentations. Already we are catching glimpses of new attractions and returning favorites.



So far we’ve seen very little in the way of official announcements, however the teases have been coming in droves. Here’s just a little bit that has been teased so far.

Star Wars

  • Orange Harvest-The original Star Wars film was given the title “Blue Harvest” to keep people from knowing what it was. Could Orange Harvest be confirmation for a Florida Expansion? Florida is known for Orange trees after all
  • Jedi on all the blueprints-What could we be seeing? A Jedi temple? Jedi attractions?
  • Ships everywhere-Other blueprints had pictures of ships and names of ships.


Lots of things teased about Unobtainium, and glowing plants. Avatar is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Imagineers have “brought back” artifacts from the planet

Haunted Mansion

A favorite was teased to return to Disneyland in California. Since the Mansion’s birthday is right around the corner, it’s only fitting t get a huge announcement. Could the Hatbox Ghost be returning?


We will have full show floor coverage beginning Friday morning and going all weekend. Be sure to follow along with us on the various Social Media outlets for more!

The D23 Expo is sold out for Saturday, but tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday. Be sure to pick yours up today by clicking here!