HHN Reveal Week-Halloween Horror Nights takes guests through the “After Life” to seek “Vengeance”


Your actions in life determine what happens to you in the hereafter. That’s the idea that Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando runs with in an all new house, After Life-Death’s Vengeance. The ghosts of a murderers past have come back to haunt him, after he’s already dead. The all new house is a darker take on a 3D house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 23.


After Life Death’s Vengeance tells the story of Bobby “The Blade” Galleta, a vicious serial killer who was sentenced to death. Unfortunately for Bobby, death isn’t the resting place he thought it would be. There is a hell, his own personal hell and he’s smack dab in the middle of it. The maze takes place in the town of Carey, Ohio-the setting for many Halloween Horror Nights houses. Guests will start at Bobby’s end and get juiced up with 2,000 volts as he rides the lightning on “ole sparky”.

Halloween Horror Nights has had a great run the past few years with 3D houses, beginning with 2011’s “The In-Between”. Last year they had a crowd pleaser with “Penn&Teller Nuk’d Las Vegas”. Will this house mark three in a row? It’s definitely a lot darker than past houses using the 3D element, and a completely different take on the genre than expected. Unlike looking at the tortured souls of a prison, or investigating what happened, we are put in the shoes of a killer and guests will find out just what happens when you’re a sick killer.

According to the official Twitter, and Universal creative member Mike Aiello:

“This is darker thematic than we’ve done with our 3D mazes in the past. You will go on Bobby’s journey from 2000 volts to where his victims have patiently waited. Listened to nothing but Cash while creating this maze with the team… This was so much fun. This will be in the vein of InBetween but more violent aesthetics. You will go from his execution to his out of body experience…you will retrace the headlines he made while on a murderous rampage through Carey. There are most definitely some InBetween homages… UV,Lasers, demonic souls… All wrapped in a brand new pulp type story… Very excited!”

This is the second house revealed for HHN Reveal Week, where the park will unveil an all new experience at midnight every night this week!

So far we’ve seen the child stealing spirit of La Llorona announced, and Vengeance. They join Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, and The Walking Dead as houses.

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