Flying Turns at Knoebels is finally open!


It’s been a labor of love, and a test of patience for coaster fans, but there was much to celebrate Friday evening at Knoebels in Elysburg, Pennsylvania as the coaster that has taken almost 8 years to construct, finally opened. It was a moment that coaster fans couldn’t believe as the news spread quietly through various Twitter accounts, including Theme Park Review and the Great Ohio Coaster Club Facebook Page. Flying Turns is finally open.


Photo courtesy of the Great Ohio Coaster club

Photo courtesy of the Great Ohio Coaster club


Flying Turns has been a labor of love for the park, as they started construction in January of 2006. The coaster was built in house, by Knoebels. Flying Turns is a traditional bobsled coaster, which gives riders the feeling of riding out of control on a large open track with no rails. Regular roller coasters ride on rails which guide every move the coaster train makes.Flying Turns, and other bobsled coasters go careening around corners and have a very wild and out of control feel. Most remaining bobsled coasters are steel, but that’s where Flying Turns was going to be different. It’s a wooden bobsled coaster.

Take a POV ride on Flying Turns as they were testing it a few months back:


Knoebels took their time with the coaster, making sure that everything was just right before opening to the public.
Congratulations to the Knoebels team for a work of love and a coaster that is sure to be an instant hit with coaster enthusiasts everywhere!

For more information, visit the official Knoebels website by clicking here!

What do you think? Are you excited that Flying Turns is open after 7 1/2 years of construction? Let us know in the comments below!