Celebrate the Dog Days of summer at Magic Kingdom with special dog meet up


Dogs have always been “man’s best friend”, but what about a mouse? Now is your chance to find out, plus take your little buddy to the Magic Kingdom for an all new, and very unique Disney Parks Blog meet up. You and a guest can take your four legged friend to Disney to show their Disney Side!



The Disney Parks Blog  always has super fun meet ups, but this one is for the dogs. The blog wants to see your pets Disney Side. Simply take a picture of you and your pet that shows off their Disney Side and send it in. The photo could include something like your pet in a super cute costume that shows off what it means to have a Disney Side.



The picture can be something very simple, like a hat. Here our dog Turk shows his Disney Side, in which he does his best Eeyore impression.

Winners will get to walk the “Green Carpet” complete with fire hydrants, and will get to enjoy light snacks while going on a special walk through areas of the Magic Kingdom.

Check out the official Disney Parks Blog for full rules and how to enter!

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