Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to close, making way for expansion?


According to WDWNT Disney has confirmed that the long standing Backlot Tour will be closing.  They also have an idea of what will be replacing it. This is the second attraction announced f ir closure this year at the park. Are we getting ready for a mouse sized overhaul?


The rumors have been going around for quite a few years now that Disney would be closing their backlot tour to make room for a new attraction.  The rumors ranged from Star Wars Land, to Pixar, to even Carsland. Now the rumors that have been circulating for years are starting to gain speed as the park has announced that Backlot will be closing. The tour that has been an integral part of the Studios will close on September 27th.
This time the rumors are stronger than ever that Pixar will be a huge reason that the attraction is closing.  Not only will Toy Story Midway Mania get a third track, but also an all new Pixar Place that will be modeled after the areas in Paris, and Hong Kong.
The new area will allegedly feature any of the same flat rides and attractions,  and could include a huge new E – ticket attraction.

The closure comes after it was announced that the American Idol Experience would also close this year. There’s no announcement as to what will replace it, but the speculation is running rampant. With two attractions closing, it’s an indication that a huge new revamp if the entire park could be coming. Star Wars Land, and Pixar could just be the beginning.
Why would the park all of a sudden start a huge expansion? It could be that Universal has been leaving Disney in the dust, opening a new attraction every year for the past few years. Universal just opened an expansion to it’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter,  as well as a 4th hotel. The park also just announced a 5th hotel which will open in 2016.
The other big reason could be that a huge expansion could be coming for Disney’s 60th Anniversary. For a previous anniversary Disney opened a new attraction at every single park.
No matter the reason,  it’s a very exciting time for theme park fans.
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