Nascar Grille at CityWalk Orlando set to close on November 1 to make way for a new experience


CityWalk at Universal Orlando has already undergone huge changes to the dining line up. Earlier this year, Universal Orlando closed some of their existing restaurants to make way for brand new tastes for their guests to experience. New experiences included a Cold Stone Creamery,  Menchie’s, Breadbox, Antojitos, Vivo Italian Restaurant, Hot Dog Hall of Fame, Cow Fish (opening later this year), a move for Starbucks, and a fresh new look for the Universal Studios shop. But Cow Fish isn’t where the changes end.


Universal Orlando announced more changes would be coming to CityWalk’s line up soon. Nascar Sports Grille has been in business at CityWalk for fifteen years now, but on November 1, Nascar Sports Grille will be closing to make way for something new.

Nascar Sports Grille will continue to serve lunch and dinner through November 1st to their guests.

Nothing has officially been announced in terms of what will be replacing it, however, chances are it will be replaced with another restaurant to add even more fresh dining experiences for guests at CityWalk.

Universal has done a phenomenal job over the last year replacing their existing venues with fresh, new flavors their guests can experience on vacation, a date night, or even just a causal visit to CityWalk. Universal has not only brought some very popular chains (Cold Stone Creamery and others) to CityWalk, but their own custom creations and concepts for guests to experience (Antojitos, for example).

Stay tuned for more information on what will be replacing Nascar Sports Grille.
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