Horror falls in love with Valentine’s Day as luck gets presidential at haunts this weekend!


This weekend is a triple doozy. It’s Friday the 13th, it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday AND President’s Day on Monday. It’s something so rare that it has to be a sign of the apocalypse, or something, right? While we’re not so sure about that, we are sure that it means that if you don’t do something with your Valentine, your luck is going to be bad for a very long weekend. This year haunted attractions are using the triple threat as a great way to scare the hell out of you, by creeping out of Halloween mode and entering the love fest. This year there are more haunts than ever, but have no fear (or maybe you should), we have the guide to haunts that want your heart…and lungs…maybe your spleen?



There are so many different haunted attractions open this year that it’s hard to know where to start. More haunted attractions are open for Valentine’s Day of 2015 than any other year to date. People love to be scared with the ones they love. Or maybe it’s just that they love horror. Whatever the case may be, there’s tons of haunts open this year, and they are looking for love…or blood…or whatever.

There are so many haunts this year, that we’re going to break it down by state. We’re trying to get all of the haunts in the U.S. but if we miss some, don’t freak out! It’s a ton of haunted attractions open for a very small amount of time!




Warehouse 31-Birmingham Alabama

For two nights the blood will fly, and the love will splatter as they bring their brand of horror to life for the weekend. Details here.




Arx Mortis-Killen AL

The third annual “My Bloody Valentine” is back, and it’s huge. Special priced tickets and more. More details here!





Fear Factory 501-Jacksonville, Arkansas

For one night only, the Arkansas haunt is back, and scarier than ever with tons of gore, and love as they present their “My Bloody Valentine” event. More details.




The 13th Floor-Phoenix, Arizona

The 13th Floor brand is huge, but Phoenix is doing something really special with an amazingly romantic night by candlelight. Of course, you’ll be running and screaming and have things chasing you, but won’t it be romantic? More details here!





Talldega Frights-Bakersfield, California

Two nights, two themes, it’s going to be a nightmare…and that’s a good thing! The Bakersfield haunted attraction is pulling out all the stops with two amazing horror themed runs. More details here!




Zombie Joe’s Ghosts of the Underground-North Hollywood, California

We don’t know much about Zombie Joe’s, but it’s not just a Valentine’s thing. It’s a haunted performance that happens every weekend, and it sounds pretty damn amazing. More details here!




Fear Overload-San Leandro, California

Bloody Valentine Fest spreads over two days with two houses. Tons of gore, blood and love! More details!



Reign of Terror-Thousand Oaks, California

This special event isn’t as much about the scares as it is about coming together for one of their family members. Proceeds for the event will benefit Tom Hood, a haunter, who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. It’s an amazing thing from the haunt community. More details.




The 13th Floor – Denver

Ten years ago, Bear Butcher went on a rampage. His copycats have been mimicking his style for years. This Valentine’s Day, you will come face to face with Bear in this candlelit maze. More Details


Hellscream Haunted House-Colorado Springs

Vampires, homicidal maniacs and tons of love as Hellscream brings two different themes for the weekend. Friday will see Friday the 13th fully realized, while Saturday will have your heart bleeding. More Details!




Only Scream in Town-North Haven, CT

Free Handwarmers! That kills me! But you can get a free handwarmer for ordering your tickets early, and you better do it quick, because tickets are extremely limited. Cupid is taking his revenge, and you really don’t want to miss it. More info




Legends – A Haunting at Old Town – Kissimmee

Legends isn’t doing anything major for Valentine’s Day. When we tried to ask Mr. Ashdown about it, he replied “if I want to win someone’s heart, I just take it while they’re sleeping”. Ah, Ashdown, can’t really argue with that logic. It’s fear all year, as always at Legends, and you really don’t want to miss it.More Details


The Shallow Grave – Winter Haven

One of our favorite haunts of 2014, The Shallow Grave is having a “Night to Dismember”. Law Enforcement and military gets in free with paying combo ticket. The haunt will also go “lights out” on Saturday. Just you and a glowstick. Trust me, that’s not a good thing. More Details



Basement of the Dead – Aurora

They’ll take your heart, and eat your soul, as a special Valentine’s Day edition of Basement of the Dead comes up for the weekend. More Details


The 13th Floor – Chicago

Yes, Chicago is in trouble. Friday and Saturday, the 13th Floor is unleashing an army of misfits to help the one they admire the most. More Details


Factory of Fear – Moline

This is an awesome idea! They’re not going with the same old Bloody Valentine, instead you need to be on the run from the “Teddy Bear Killer”. It’s only for the 13th and 14th,a nd tickets are limited. More Details


Massacre Haunted House – Montgomery

Massacre wants to steal your heart…and do things with it. Valentine’s Day Weekend the haunt will be open for singles, couples, and those just like to scream. More Details


Psychosis Haunted House – Elgin

The most interactive haunted house is back, and this time they want lovers! In fact, couples get a discount…but singles are also welcome…no one will miss you when they’re through with you! More Details



Nightmare on Fairgrounds Road – Princeton

We have a feeling your heart might be mended, but the rest of you is pretty much doomed. The nightmare rages on all weekend! More Details



Friday 13 My Bloody Valentine finished

Asylum Haunted Attraction – Chetopa

Two separate themes on two different nights. Will you make it out, or will you become part of the game? More Details




Scream Acres – Covington

Everyone is doing the “Friday the 13th” theme, but Scream Acres is doing a bit more. It’s the unluckiest prom you’ve ever been to! Plus, the theme and mood changes on Saturday for the Bloody Valentine! More Details



Exit 13 Haunted House – Mt. Morris

The Massacre hits Friday, and if there’s anything left, you’ll get to “Blackout”. We honestly love blackout haunts. You never know what you’re going to find in the dark. Presale tickets will help you save, but they are almost gone! More Details


Hush Haunted Attraction – Westland

This one is intriguing. The other major event happening this weekend is of course, 50 Shades of Grey. This haunt is taking a poke at the movie, and playing with the theme. Proceeds go to support Cass Community Social Services, so it’s a good cause with a good time. More Details


realm 2015 ValentineCard

Realm of Darkness-Pontiac

Blackout haunt on Friday, followed by a bit of fun with the Valentine’s Day massacre on Saturday. More info

New Jersey


Brighton Asylum – Passaic

The Dark Valentine gets very literal with no lights, and only a glow necklace. Once you accept it, it becomes a FULL CONTACT haunt. So good that you have to be over 18 to experience it! More Details


New York


Blood Manor – New York City

The premiere New York haunt is back for tons of great blood curdling fun all weekend long! More Details


Times Scare – New York City

The year round haunted attraction will be open, not only for haunted house tours, but also for Scaryoke, and so much more! More Details


Nyctophobia Haunted House – Eastport

Not so much an attraction, as it is an experience. It’s a show that takes you to the edge and sees if you want to get pushed over. For those who did the show, they’re doing a sequel. For those who didn’t, they’re doing an encore performance. More Details

North Carolina



The Haunted Pyramids-Lawndale

Two different themes on each night of the weekend. Loads of fun, and scares! More info




The Fear Experience-Cleveland

Oh dear. Tickets are selling out fast, and it sounds like you really want to get in on this fun. More info




The Sanctuary Presents:Tunnel of Love-Oklahoma City

The tunnel of love has been the romantic go to for every lover, and lovers to be. Now, it takes a very demented twist, one that you may not want to see through to the end. More info


Guthrie Haunts – Guthrie

Guthrie brings a bit of everything for the season. Zombie weddings, tunnel of love and more! More Details




Castle Blood – Monessen

The special show just for Valentine’s Day returns! Perfect for dates, or someone you happened to dig up. More Details


South Carolina



Dark Knights Terror Trail-Elgin

Two hour adventure, blowing the brains out of zombies! Hell yes! More info


Deceased Farm – Lexington

Love can make you do terrible things…terrible things. Love also never dies, no matter how many times you shoot it! More Details





Love is scary, and damn is is painful. Frightworks is pulling out the stops on Friday the 13th for one night only! More details


Slaughter House – Hermitage

It’s a double feature! Horror movies in the lobby, tons of fun at ever turn, with prizes and giveaways! More Details


Frightmare Manor – Talbott

One night only! Two big attractions, and a money back guarantee…what else could you want? More Details


Haunted Hell – Nashville

Don’t be a chicken shit! Take the full contact experience! Two different experinces, but you know you want full contact, it’s more fun that way! More Details



2014 postcard front blackout weekend1

Creepy Hollow-Rosharon

It’s a total blackout weekend! The lights are off and the terror is high with the huge Creepy Hollow! More info


House of Torment – Austin

The love is spreading, too bad it’s coming from the tip of that ax. Candlelight can be romantic, but not this time! More Details


Moxley Manor Haunted House – Bedford

Heartbreak…it can kill ya. The award winning Moxley Manor is back for the entire weekend with tons of gore and fun. More Details


House of Horrors – Clyde

Why do we hurt the ones we love? Because sometimes it’s just so fun. Join the messenger as he tries to kill you over Valentine’s Day weekend! More Details



Hangman’s House of Horrors – Fort Worth

50 Shades of Grey is huge, with tons of women diving into the world of blindfolds and bondage. The question is, do you trust your lover enough to guide you through a haunted attraction? First 50 couples gets a free custom box of chocolates! More Details



Cutting Edge – Fort Worth

Need a date? Cutting Edge may be able to “dig” one up for you. Open all weekend! More Details


Tayman Graveyard – Midlothian

Lots of haunts are showing their hearts this Valentine’s Day weekend by donating proceeds to charity. This is another that not only does that, but also makes you go through using only candlelight. More Details





Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano

Holy crap! The Dark Hour has some serious mojo happening this weekend! Not only are they doing a huge Valentine’s Event, but they are also doing a “Fine Food& Frights” where you can have a romantic meal, which is catered by a gourmet restaurant. If that wasn’t enough, they are even doing “Singled Out” on Sunday! Alone, in the dark, that’s pretty much how love ends anyway, right? More Details


The 13th Floor – San Antonio

Candlelight and killers! What more can you ask for?  More Details



Castle of Chaos – Salt Lake


The terror happens all weekend long as Castle of Choas comes out of the dust for a huge Valentine’s Day celebration. More Details




Night Watch Haunt – Hillsville

It’s the Dark Hearts Blackout! Tons of gory fun, and Jason Voorhees on Friday the 13th! More Details



Shocktober – Leesburg

My Bloody Valentine will rage through for two nights this weekend at the scariest haunt in Virginia! More Details


St. Albans Sanatorium – Radford

This haunt goes on for a few more days! It’s a Fatal Attraction and we bet you can’t stay away! Continues Valentine’s Day Weekend, and ends the following weekend on the 21st! More Details




Hallowed Chambers-Berlin,WI

Conjugal visits? Somehow we don’t think we want in on that action. The terror is coming in the dead of winter, so better bundle up. More info


THAT is a lot of haunted attractions, and that’s just in the United States! We’re sure that there will be more gory fun throughout the rest of the year. While we’re getting closer to Fear All Year, we’re not quite there yet. Valentine’s Day makes for the perfect weekend to go to a haunt, and get scared with the one you love…or sorta kinda like.

Stay tuned for more gory goodness, and be sure to get social with us on Facebook, and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!