E3 2016: Get a first look at the new Friday the 13th Game and be Jason Voorhees!


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I remember trying to escape Jason Voorhees in the poorly crafted NES video game back in the early 90’s. It was amazing, frustrating, and just plain creepy for a kid. Still, all the kids flocked around the television as we tried to fight off Jason.

Now, a crowdfunded game featuring not only Jason, but camp counselors, Camp Crystal Lake and even a virtual tour of the cabin is coming to consoles and PC, and it looks positively sick!



The gameplay trailer has a definite home video vibe to it, and the gameplay looks ripped straight from the movie. The game will allow you to stalk camp counselors as Jason, or try to run from him as a camp counselor at Crystal Lake. We’re not exactly sure what the point of the game is beyond that, but who cares! It’s Jason!

The must have for horror fans should be hitting shelves around October of this year, but you can pre-order it from the official site by clicking here!

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