“Road to Fast” concludes with Luke Evans as Owen Shaw as Universal Studios Hollywood gears up for Fast & Furious


It’s almost here! Fast&Furious Supercharged is almost ready to open at Universal Studios Hollywood! The all new attraction will be the huge new finale on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. It will combine amazing special effects, 3D and simulated speeds of up to 120 mph. The new attraction will feature stars of the film like you’ve never seen them before, and will open on June 25th! To help prepare, Universal Studios Hollywood has been paving the “Road to Fast” with posters from the attraction, featuring the characters that you’ll see.


Fast Furious-Supercharged Luke Evans poster


This week the “Road to Fast” ends with Luke Evans, as he brings the heat to Fast&Furious:Supercharged. In the ride, Evans reprises his role as the villainous Owen Shaw. If you remember from the sixth film, and the seventh, Shaw wasn’t doing so hot. Does this make the ride a sequel to Furious 7? I guess we’ll have to see when the attraction opens.

Evans joins the other stars, including Dwayne Johnson, who each had their own posters.

Fast Furious-Supercharged Dwayne Johnson image


Fast Furious-Supercharged Michelle Rodriguez  ride poster



Fast Furious-Supercharged Tyrese poster art


Fast Furious-Supercharged Vin Diesel ride poster


Fast  Furious-Supercharged group key art (2)


Fast & Furious: Supercharged opens on June 25th at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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