D23: Star Wars and Disney Infinity highlight the massive Disney Interactive announcements!


Are you ready to take the next step in Disney games? The Disney Interactive Panel at D23 threw down the gauntlet for amazing new Star Wars games, and the latest from Disney Infinity. It’s a great time for Disney, and will a great time for fans of the amazing franchises.





The Disney Interactive Booth was the highlight of the Disney Interactive presence at D23. The booth gave fans a first look at some new additions coming to their favorite consoles, as well as a look at one of the coolest Star Wars games to ever hit the arcade.


Video-Check out the Disney Interactive Booth at D23



While the booth was amazing, nothing compared to actually hearing first hand some of the big announcements. One major announcement was the huge Darth Vader edition coming to Playstation 4!

The world is also excited to hear what the latest updates on Battlefront will be. The game will put you in the middle of the action as you join the fight against the Empire.

Finally, the Force will be felt on Infinity, as the characters from Star Wars will be on the popular gaming system for the first time ever!

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