SeaWorld San Antonio sets opening date for Discovery Point!


SeaWorld San Antonio has completely restructured the shape of their park. The entrance has been pushed back, while the opening arches remain prominently displayed. Aquatica San Antonio has a new entrance, and is now a second park, instead of part of SeaWorld, and now guests can enjoy an entirely new dolphin experience at Dolphin Point!


Discovery Point is the new home to several major attractions. First and foremost, it’s home to Dolphin Cove. Guests can look at the dolphins from the water, but now they can also go below the water in the only Dolphin viewing area of its kind.
The real thrill, however is that guests can book a swim with a dolphin.

“As a world leader in animal care, we are evolving our habitats for these magnificent creatures and also revolutionizing the way our guests learn about marine animals and ocean conservation,” said Carl Lum SeaWorld San Antonio President. “Now, more than ever, we’re creating experiences that can inspire guests and change minds, hearts and lives forever.”

The swims start at $125 dollars and go up to $155 dollars. The 90 minute interaction gives guests the chance to learn more about the animals, swim with the animals and learn their behaviors. It’s an amazing way to interact with the animals, and make a connection that you’ll take with you forever.

The next portion of Discovery Point is Explorers Reef. Here you’ll encounter sharks, and a coral reef. You’ll learn more about the world they live in, and what you can do to help preserve that world.

Discovery Point is also the launching point for the other two amazing animal interactions, Beluga Encounter and the Sea Lion Interaction Program. Speaking from experience, both interactions are amazing and make up a full day of fun.

The best part, SeaWorld San Antonio has announced that you can now book your dolphin swims for the opening date of May 21st! The entire Dolphin Point will be open for guests on May 21st, and will be ready for you to make memories!

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For more information about Discovery Point at SeaWorld San Antonio, visit the official website by clicking here!