Universal Orlando’s Tonight Shop brings a taste of Jimmy Fallon to life



Last month, Universal Orlando took one step closer to opening the all new “Race Through New York” attraction, which features Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show. The ride will be a 3D look at New York, and a race through all kinds of obstacles and fun in a one of  kind, first ever attraction at Universal Studios Florida. Of course, just about every attraction empties into a gift shop these days, but leave it to Universal to make a gift shop more like an attraction.


Watch-Take a walk through The Tonight Shop at Universal Orlando


The Tonight Shop features all kinds of souvenirs from the new ride. More than that, though, it features a little taste of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It highlights all his zany characters, such as Tight Pants, EW and a few more.



The shop gives a glimpse at the wackiness we can expect on the ride, with clips of the shows, and of course the souvenirs. There’s a little bit of everything from the show, including Hashtag the Panda. In fact, there’s a Hashtag the Panda suit that sells out every single time it’s restocked.



The ride itself is set to be a unique experience, as it will take guests through Tonight Show history, as well as get you up close and personal to the very set that Jimmy calls home every night. You’ll be able to sit at his desk, send “Thank You” notes to his friends and even hear The Roots perform.


Slideshow-Check Out Even More Pictures from The Tonight Shop



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Race Through New York is expected to open in early April, with Technical Rehearsals expected any day now. The new ride will feature the first ever Flying Theater experience in the United States, as well as the first “virtual queue” system implemented on a ride. Are you excited for the new attraction? Let us know in the comments below!

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