Wait-The Wizarding World of Harry Potter celebrated Christmas?


So we have a spider themed addition coming over to England, it would have been nice to get that in Florida or Hollywood right? But then again we do have some incredible things from the Potterverse at our parks that no one else has. Both Hollywood and Florida have Hogsmeade and the amazing Hogwarts castle. Florida has Diagon Alley that features not only one of the most advanced ride systems but also has the best ice cream in the world. Seriously, its worth it to go there just for the ice cream. And they also have the menacing deatheaters attacking it’s citizens around Halloween time.

Wait…..WAIT, This didn’t happen in Florida nor in California. It happened all the way out in the far east, at Universal Studios Japan. Why did they get a Deatheater experience? Was it because generally the Japanese are known the go with the flow at theme parks and accept if they can’t make it into an area due to limited space? Is it because even though they sell booze and drinks at the parks that historically the Japanese can usually contain themselves? These above questions are just that questions. My biggest question is WHY DON’T WE GET THIS IN AMERICA? But thankfully that’s the only special event that was exclusive to the Japanese market.


Regardless, the question stands why did Japan get this event while America is kind of sitting by the wayside? Are the rumors of Harry Potter themed special events true? Is it time to milk that boy who lived cash cow once again? Will Daniel Radcliff appear in a “Swiss-Army Man” attraction at Universal? The answers to two of those questions is maybe, the answer to one is no. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

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