Halloween Horror Nights officially begins!


I know what you are thinking when your reading this. ISN’T THERE A HURRICANE RIGHT NOW or HOLLYWOOD DOESN’T START  YET. Well last night while you were in DREAMLAND a nightmare came to Japan. One that includes Zombies, chainsaws, and one heck of a lot of blood. That my friends is Halloween Horror Nights but its nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Horror Nights is currently sharing its event with another limited time event, “Universal Jump Summer”. Meaning you can still see the One Piece Stunt show and Dragonball Z attractions until October 2nd. After that Halloween completely takes over the park.


Speaking of take over, the park has three returning haunts and two completely new attractions. The three returning ones are The Exorcist, which in my personal opinion is the single best haunted house ever made as you are trapped in the hallways of Regan’s house almost like you are stuck in hell. (NOT TO MENTION YOU ACTUALLY ARE GIVEN A BOTTLE OF HOLY WATER AND ARE TOLD TO SPRAY REGAN WITH IT.)

Nightmare on Elm Street, Its freddy he’s after you. Also he’ll probably make a pun before he slices you open!

And Trauma an extreme house where (I’ve heard) they put bugs on you and also its in a hospital and I don’t think you’ll like the doctor that has been assigned to the ward.

The new haunted houses include THE CULT OF CHUCKY. Where you find yourself locked in a hospital with one deranged doll and an arsenal of brainwashed minions, whom what to kill (I think you can guess) YOU! (Insert laugh here)

And last but not least is DEAD MAN’S FOREST a haunted house that takes place half inside the backdraft attraction and half outside in a forest. You know how they call haunted houses mazes? Well this is an actual maze, you are told you can take any path that you want to even though you might want to watch out for the creatures that live in the woods. If you can remember the password you might be able to survive. (I didn’t).

Also they have upped the zombies in the streets this year going for more and more unique zombies.

I could tell you more, but pictures and words only do so much. Let me take you there.

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