Super Nintendo World goes vertical!


If you’re like the rest of the world you are waiting for 2020 to see what Universal Studios is going to do with their Nintendo area. Though plans may or may not have been leaked the one thing that can be said is the first official building has gone up at Universal Studios Japan.


What is this mystery building? Where does it fall with in what we know from the layout that was given to us so far? Right now it’s too early too tell. But I can tell you, the entrance to the area is being worked on as we speak. How do I know this? I went into the park to see where it was being built! You can see that all plus more construction shots and a tour of the park here.

Video-Check out the first vertical construction of Nintendo World




Not only do you get a look at all work that is going on at Super Nintendo World but also the cool Japan area. Speaking of cool Japan if you do the “MONSTER HUNTER THE REAL”, it’s in all caps so I think they want you to write it that way, attraction. You get a slip of paper that allows you to see your pictures that are taken during the experience.

However if you are a monster hunter world fan, there is one extra thing that will tickle your funny bone. When you go into the attraction you are also given a code for an exclusive USJ in game weapons and armor. And the only way you can attain these things is by visiting this attraction and getting a code. Since I have a code an no PS4 I’m going to be giving mine away.

If you want a chance at getting this code, please subscribe to

And just keep your eyes open for a new video coming out in the next day explaining how you can get this code.

Until then, stay groovy!

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