The Battle begins Friday at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with all new ride!


Friday the 13th might be one of the unluckiest days of the year, but this year it has the luck of the Irish behind it, as Busch Gardens Williamsburg will launch the fun new Battle for Eire VR. The new ride will take guests on a mythical quest as Addie, a heroic fairy warrior battles her way across an amazing VR landscape to rescue the Heart of Eire from the evil Balor.

Local dignitaries, Boys & Girls Club Members and park guests will be on hand to witness the official ribbon cutting ceremony of this much anticipated virtual reality ride.

The park is also opening for an extended weekend, as they will open on Monday, April 16th for guests wanting to experience the all new attraction. The weekend will be full of celebration, with meet and greets with Addie herself, green beer, green kettle corn and the all new Battle for Eire cocktail (needs a catchier name we think).

The new attraction is a first ride of it’s kind, as it is the first motion theater based VR attraction. The ride is also unique as it allows guests to see all around, including above, below and behind as they journey along with Addie. The ride replaces the Questor/Corkscrew Hill/Europe in the air attractions but uses the same ride technology, all while unlocking the full potential of the attraction. Before, guests would experience a limited range of motion on the ride, as the simulator had to match the action on the screen. Now, the range of motion on the simulator base is explored fully, as guests will venture in all different directions.

Battle for Eire is the latest attraction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and just the start of an amazing year at the park, which will also include several concerts, and a new Sesame Street Celebration, with each weekend showcasing different shows and characters. This weekend, it’s Cookie Monsters Weekend, so expect tons of cookies!

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