SeaWorld San Diego unveils Tidal Twister Cars at IAAPA 2018


This year at SeaWorld San Diego, the park unveiled Electric Eel. For 2019, the park is taking a flat approach to coasters, and bringing an all new experience, and the first of it’s kind to the park. Tidal Twister is a brand new coaster type attraction by Skyline Attractions, and they will bring the SkyWarp Horizon to San Diego.

Tuesday at IAAPA, the park along with Skyline revealed the coaster cars to give everyone an idea of just how the coaster will look.


The new ride will take riders forward, backward, upside down, have amazing airtime and more. It will be a small footprint attraction, but from the looks of the ride, it will surely pack a punch.

The ride will also push the conservation message with the “Rising Tide” conservation, and will bring awareness to reefs and coastal areas.

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