Easter hops into Universal Studios Japan


Man, I love Japan. They take concepts that they don’t really celebrate, and celebrate them harder and better than the rest of the world. Case in point-Easter at Universal Studios Japan. Our friend Yukendoit is back with a new video touring USJ, and checking out the activities that the park rolls out for Easter.

The coolest thing about all of this is that it really captures what Easter felt like to me as a kid. Sure, it’s a holiday steeped in Christian beliefs, and if you celebrate it it means something different. But as a kid, it was all about the fun of the Easter Egg hunt, candy and just getting together with family. I think Universal Japan kind of nails that feeling with their Spring and Easter celebration. It’s just about having fun, and being with family. They even get the perfect match of characters with not only Minions, but also the Sesame Street characters as well as the Peanuts characters. It’s kind of perfect for the holiday.

And of course, it makes me extremely jealous of all the cool stuff they do in Japan that we just don’t do here at the Universal parks. What do you think? Would you hop around the parks with Minion bunnies?

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