Six Flags Great Adventure tops 2020 list with Jersey Devil Coaster


The Six Flags 2020 announcements are officially out, and this year Six Flags Great Adventure is topping the list with one of the most unique ride styles of any coaster. The Jersey Devil Coaster will be the longest, tallest and fastest single rail coaster in the world, and only the third in the country.

The new coaster will travel tower 13 stories and reach speeds up to 58 mph as riders soar through the dark and foreboding woods along 3,000 feet of imposing track. Inspired by infamous New Jersey folklore, the fiendish coaster will feature five intense elements including two dramatic inversions.

A 180 degree stall and zero g-roll will be two inversions unique to the Raptor style coaster. The new coaster will also feature an 87-degree first drop. The single rile coaster is very different in the fact that you sit monrail style on the track. It’s very compact, which leads to a small footprint and amazingly fast ride.

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