SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Release Ride Closures Post Pandemic


The past couple of weeks have been exciting, as theme parks start to announce their reopening dates. Both SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens will be reopening on June 11. During the Orlando task force conference, it was discussed that experiences will be limited, with parades and other experiences not returning upon opening day. Both parks have updated their Web sites with lists of everything that will be closed.

While Wild Arctic closed prior to the pandemic, the other five experiences are closed until further notice. The Sesame parade closure was expected, as this was discussed during the task force recovery meeting. Sky Tower and Antarctica are both indoors, so these two closures are likely a safety concern. Journey to Atlantis and Paddle Boats are a questionable move, since these rides can run with a limited amount of vehicles, and can be cleaned between riders. 

The Busch Gardens Tampa schedule is much more questionable, as taking one look at the above closure list will likely make someone want to cancel his/her trip. Out of the above rides, Skyride was expected, since it’s impossible to clean every gondola in between riders. Stanley Falls Flume is a water ride, but just like Atlantis, it can be cleaned. Bumper Cars and Gwazi Gliders are questionable, since these rides can be cleaned.

The closure that will anger a lot of enthusiasts is Kumba. It is the park’s oldest major coaster, and its location in the back gives it a short line most of the time. But this closure is not a safety issue due to a possibility of spreading COVID; this closure is definitely related to budget cuts or staffing. 

The rest of the experiences are all kiddie play areas that contain a lot of touching, Animal Care Center is an indoor attraction. Lory Landing (which is the same as the bird aviary) and Kangaloom are both up close animal experiences, so closing these areas is likely a safety concern for the animals. 

We will continue to update everyone when these attraction closures end, and you can always go to the Busch Gardens attraction closure and the SeaWorld attraction closure schedule. 

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