Chasing Roller Coasters: A FPV Drone Experience of Canyon Blaster


Las Vegas is known for a lot of entertainment. Casino’s and nightlife, clubs and bars. With all the things to do there is one type of entertainment most people do not think about in the sin city: Amusement Parks. There is however one exception: AdventureDome is a small thrill park sitting in the middle of a casino called Circus Circus near the end of the famous Las Vegas Strip. The park has multiple flat rides and two roller coasters: El Loco and Canyon Blaster.

Today we are taking a special look at Canyon Blaster through the eye’s of an FPV drone – but first, let’s discuss what FPV drones are and are not. FPV stands for First Person View, and FPV drones are PROBABLY not the type of drone you think of when you hear the term. These drones do not have GPS sensors or the ability to stay in the air on their own. These drones require practice to learn to fly. The pilot wears a pair of goggles that allows them to see -albeit to a limited extent- through and around the drone. In a sense the pilot IS the drone.

In September of last year – 2022 – I was in Las Vegas for an event, and was given the opportunity to return to the Adventuredome after they closed for the evening to spend some time working around and in the venue with FPV drones. Below is the first in a small series of FPV and drone videos we will be bringing you. This first video will be showcasing Canyon Blaster: an Arrow Looper coaster that opened exactly 30 years ago, in August of 1993. Despite being 30 years old this is one of the SMOOTHEST arrow loopers I have ever ridden. Part of that rides smooth quality comes from the fact that it is indoors and the other factor being the upscale and top end maintenance that the team on site does. Enjoy this FPV chase of Canyon Blaster!

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Justin Landers is 32 year’s old and owns Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions, a freelance photo and video company involved in the theme park industry since 2013. You can find him on Instagram at @Inverted_Therapy and @Just_Shoot_Light and on YouTube or Facebook.

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