Justin Landers

Justin owns Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions, a company that works across the World providing cinematic video, photography, and drone work. Check out his work by clicking here.

Dutch Wonderland – a hidden land of imagination and creativity.

Dutch Wonderland is a small park that is perfect for children and families! Well themed and plenty to do with a budgeted experience!

California: Six Flags Magic Mountain Opens Wonder Woman Flight Of Courage – Tallest and Longest Single Rail Coaster

California gets the newest, tallest, and longest Rocky Mountain Construction Single Rail Coaster: WONDER WOMAN FLIGHT OF COURAGE.

Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street?

Sesame Place is a park that brings big thrills to littler children - a great opportunity to immerse them in a Theme Park designed for kids!

Delgrosso Amusement Park – A small park in PA with a big history behind the family name.

Delgrosso Amusement Park - a family owned park with a SURPRISING history!

Hersheypark breathes new life into their Boomerang with a ReMix

Hersheypark gives new life to their Boomerang with a wonderful Remix and add's a great flat ride experience breathing new life into the area.

Halloween Horror Nights Rumor Wrap Up and first house announcement!

If there is one event that we here at Behind The Thrills look forward to every single year it is Halloween Horror Nights. This event comes to Universal Studios Orlando,...

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail brings spooky this holiday Season

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail – located at 2837 S Frontage Rd, Plant City, FL 33566 is opening for a limited run this December. The dates are: December 10, 11, 17,...

This is How We Roll – Review of a Rocky Mountain Construction documentary.

Rocky Mountain Construction is a roller coaster manufacturer that burst onto the scene in a big way when they premiered their I-Box conversion track for wooden coasters...

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2021 Event Review: Long time Orlando guest first time Hollywood guest.

This was my first visit to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. I have been attending the Orlando version for over a decade, and love the event. It’s been a goal of mine...

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2021 House Walk Throughs

Enjoy these house walk throughs of Halloween Horror Nights 2021 – Please note that no flash was used, causing darker video but protecting the scareactors:...