SeaWorld San Diego welcomes new baby as Killer Whale gives birth


SeaWorld San Diego has a new bouncing baby whale, as Kalia, the 10 year old Orca gave birth after about 17 months of pregnancy. The whale was born on Tuesday, and is the seventh whale born at SeaWorld San Diego. While there has been much debate about keeping whales in captivity, the birth is a testament to the parks’ zoological team, that cares and maintains the animals.



The whale is unnamed, and the sex is not known currently, right now the park is keeping an eye on the whale and making sure that baby and mommy are doing fine. The estimated weight is to be between 300 and 350 pounds. The whale was born right in the Shamu Stadium main pool.

While many critics claim that SeaWorld captures animals, the park has had more than 30 successful births in their parks, with births happening at SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.

The calf will not be removed from its’ mother(contrary to popular belief), but will instead be kept with the mother at all times. The calf will feed from the mother for about a year and a half.

Here are some more Baby Whale fun facts:


  • Size estimates of SeaWorld-born killer whales suggest that newborn calves are about 2.6 m (8.5 ft.) long and 120 to 160 kg (265 – 353 lb.)
  • In the first few days after birth, the dorsal fin and tail flukes are flexible and pliable. They gradually stiffen.
  • The light areas of some young killer whales may be creamy white to pale yellow or tan rather than white. They usually turn white by the end of the first year, though some killer whales retain the yellowish color into adulthood
  • Most calves grow about 64 cm (25 in.) during their first year, and they can gain about 400 kg (882 lb.) They grow about 53 cm (21 in.) during their second year.
  • Just one calf is born at a time. Calves are born in the water.

Video-Kalia gives birth at SeaWorld San Diego

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