Coaster Obsession: Intimidator 305

Kings Dominion announced their 2010 project today: Intimidator 305. Intimidator is expected to open in April 2010.

Check out the ride’s features:
Track Length: 5,100 feet
Height: 305 feet
Top Speed: 92 MPH
Lift Hill: 45 degree angle
Duration: 3 minutes
First drop length: 300 feet
Inversions: 0
Elements: 6 S-Curve transition humps; 3 High Speed Turns at ground level
Capital Investment: $25 Million

Check out the concept art:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626566445438″]

Pictures courtesy of Kings Dominion

Intimidator 305 looks like it’s going to be a premier attraction of 2010! Intimidator 305, an Intamin Giga Coaster, is currently featured in the Guinness Book of World Records – for what, that is beyond my knowledge. However, I’m very surprised Kings Dominion chose to go with an over the shoulder restraint system – as most Intamin’s have the lap bar restraints. From the concept art, it looks like this is going to be a rough ride for me! Why, you ask? Maverick has the same style restraints and because of my height, the over the shoulder restraints are.. well, a bit big for me! It looks like the ride will not have much themeing, as most Cedar Fair parks don’t, so I’m not sure how the racing theme will fit with the ride. However, if the ride uses some kind of cable system that will pull the train up the lfit as it’s constantly accelerating, I think it would fit perfectly.

Can’t wait for track to start being put into place and for testing to begin.