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Kings Dominion taking the “Rebel” out of Rebel Yell coaster, making more changes in park for 2018

2018 is going to be a huge year at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA and they know it. They’re opening up the park’s first hybrid coaster with Twisted Timbers,...

Kings Dominion Hurls Into 2018 with Twisted Timbers!

Hanover Hills Orchard was the place where it happened on that fateful day in 1950. Something unexplained shook the ground, and peeled the paint off the windows, and it...

The Iron Revolution is coming to Cedar Point and Kings Dominion!

A few years ago, Rocky Mountain Coasters came out with this insane new idea. They could build a wooden structure, with steel reinforcements and rails, and come up with a...

Virginia theme parks cancel plans as Hurricane Joaquin approaches

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