Sea World After Dark 2010


Memorial Day weekend is here, and so is the summer night time spectacular, Sea World After Dark. Just as many theme parks around the country and in Orlando, Sea World is hoping to lure park guests in and keep them there with the promise of a different experience when the sun goes down. This year, as in years past, Sea World rolls out night time versions of some of their shows, and a nightly fireworks display.

Little has changed this year for Sea World After Dark. The highlight still remains the Clyde and Seamore show “Sea Lions Tonight”. It has been changed very little, mostly to reflect the changes in the Shamu shows. The trainers no longer enter the water with the walrus, just as Shamu trainers no longer enter the water with Shamu. In Sea Lions Tonight, the group pokes fun at all of the shows and attractions in Sea World. Of course the best and longest running staple has been the “pirate mime” who pokes fun at the guests as they enter the stadium. This time Tom (my personal favorite) is decked out in biker gear and does a guitar solo at the beginning of the show to amp the crowd. Still an all out blast, though if you’ve seen it last year, it’s the same show essentially.

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Shamu Rocks is also pretty much the same as it has been in the past. Shamu Rocks mixes the daytime Believe show with high energy music, pyrotechnics and red capes. Still pretty fun, but without Tilly in the mix, and the trainers soaring out of the water and interacting, it’s just like the normal shows and still lacks as much fun. Still a must see.

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Then of course there’s Reflections, the nightly fireworks/fountain/waterscreen display. Apparently this is best viewed in Bayside Stadium (home of the former ski show) but because of the close proximity to Shamu Stadium, very hard to get a good seat in. It is viewable elsewhere in the park, however you lose the waterscreen and laser effects, and are just treated to fountains and fireworks. Not Disney level stuff, but enjoyable none the less and with a wider viewing area, nowhere near as crowded.

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Of course it wouldn’t be a trip without some scouting, and we were met with a big surprise. Construction walls have gone up in front of the Terrace Restaurant and around the Clydesdale Hamlet. Could there be survey markers happening behind the wall in preparation for the rumored dark ride that we reported on earlier? Seems a little early for work to begin, so perhaps the rumors of a Submarine based family dark ride are false? Perhaps not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Elsewhere in the park, DJ’s are setup entertaining crowds and providing a distraction from any crowds (last night it was the rain). Also in the park, Sea World has implemented the same text messaging service that is used (and very successful) in Busch Gardens Tampa, though only one sign was displayed for it. Also, for those looking to save money, there are deals everywhere from cheap soda refills, to discounts on the meal deals, and a shop full of clearance merchandise.

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For more information about Sea World After Dark, visit their official website.