BGT: Construction update and the debut of Kinetix


Since our last construction update, so much has changed. The train is now back in operation (with the Nairobi station closed), and the Skyride has gone down and will remain down until at least December 31 according to Busch Gardens Tampa’s official website. Work on their 2011 project is slowly progressing. Just a few weeks ago, it seemed only dirt moving was happening, but now they’ve completely constructed a new bridge.

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Busch Gardens Tampa kicks off their Summer Nights on June 11th. Certain rides will be lit up with stobes, spotlights, and more. The bumper cars had neon tape added to the cars and utilze a black light effect. I bet that would be really cool at night. Montu, Sheikra, and Gwazi all have spotlights going (which look awesome in the dark!), and there has been a disco ball installed on the carousel. Much more is going to be happening this summer.

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Busch Gardens has added a brand new show. Their biggest so far: Kinetix. For those of you who have traveled to Williamsburg before, you are probably very fimiliar with the name, but the show isn’t the same. According to Scott Swenson, Director of creative services for Busch Gardens Tampa, the show is different with music that has been in the top 25 within the last few years. The set is the only thing that was carried over from Williamsburg.

Kinetix was debut to their pass holders this past weekend. Almost all of the songs are quickly recognizable, some more worn out than others. Some of the songs featured in Kinetix are “All the Single Ladies”, “Boom Boom Pow”, “Tonight’s going to be a good night”, “Fire burning on the dance floor” and more. The show features new stunts never before seen in a Kinetix show and pyrotechnics! Williamsburg verses Tampa? Tampa takes home the championship. The music, dancing, and stunts fit extremely well with each song.

Kinetix is a must see show! I highly recommend it.

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Now that the train is back in operation, we figured we would take a ride around the park and relax while watching the animals and other things happening around the train (mostly animals and Montu). A trip is never complete without a bunch of random photos.

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