Walk About Way Opens at Busch Gardens Tampa


Walkabout Way has kind of flown under the radar. It was mentioned briefly last month as “an interactive animal attraction” and nothing else was said of it. We learned the name by way of a newsletter to passholders, and shortly after the attraction was announced. Today it was opened with little fanfare.

Overall the area is pretty much what was described. It’s a unique area to have close interactions with Australian animals. Kangaloom is the area that you can interact and feed Kangaroos and Wallabies. Just as you might expect, if you don’t have food, the animals don’t come up to you. The good news is that it’s fairly inexpensive to feed them. They even have an albino Kangaroo which is very unique. The Kookaburra’s Nest didn’t seem to be open as there was an area blocked off that didn’t seem to have the pathway completed. Perhaps it’s going to be opened in a few weeks. Anyone know more?

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Elsewhere in the park, Stanleyville Flume was closed down, and drained. The skyride has completely closed until at least January. Now let’s hope construction on the new coaster really progresses. Speaking of that, The pathway going by the old Hamlet seems near completion.

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For more information visit the parks official website.