Happy Birthday BTT-Project 828 Revealed


For months we’ve been working on something big, at least big for us. And today, on our Birthday (or close enough nearby) we let you see what we’ve been working on. Project 828 is the latest incarnation of Each number in the series represents something different: 8-Month of BTT’s birth, 2-Current age of site, 8-Year of BTT’s birth. As we turn 2 (August 14, 2008) we give you a little bit more, in a version that we hope is much more user friendly and versatile.

Before we go on we would like to say special thanks to a few people who have helped us make this possible. Matt Roseboom from Attractions Magazine, Ricky Brigante from Inside the Magic, Jeff Guilkey from Coaster Warriors, Chris Johnson from BGWFans, and Giles from Media Gearhead. Thanks guys so much for letting us pick your brains and bombard you with questions. =)

We would most of all like to thank all of our readers and members. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have grown to the level that we’re at now. We hope that you continue to enjoy our content, as we will continue to bring you the latest in theme park news, reviews, pictures, rumors and more.

We are still tweaking things here and there, so if you find something out of sorts please be patient as we work out any kinks we may have missed in our server and domain transfer. But we would love your feedback, good bad or otherwise, so if you see something you like or don’t like, we want to hear from you!

So thanks for the first two years, here’s hoping for many more just as good as these past two have been.


Erik and Racheal Yates
Behind the Thrills Staff