Thrill Daily News 3-27-12


Have you seen the Hunger Games? I really want to write a review of it, but what can I say that hasn’t been said already? Is it the perfect film? If you’re a film critic, then no. But if you’re like me, and just genuinely love movies, just because their movies, it seems really kind of perfect. It’s based on a book series that captures the minds of young adults. It has no dazzling wizardry, and the acting from the young stars is just superb. It’s a gripping story, and it’s executed well. Sure the book was most likely better, always is, but this film does something that a lot of films don’t these days. It sparks something in, at least it did for me. My thoughts began swirling around like crazy, and I sat down and wrote four pages of something I’ve been working on in less than ten minutes. No, it wasn’t my own version of the Hunger Games, but that’s not the point. The point is that it sparked something in my head. Not something that a movie does very often. I guess what I’m saying in all this is that we needed a film like this. To spark conversation, thought and maybe action.

My theme park news is called sparky and it has mastered the art of the lethal ink. Beware.


Perhaps in a move to get more people interested in Animal Kingdom, Disney has released a teaser for the all new “Animal Kingdom Adventures”, a Facebook game that allows you to create your own nature preserve around the Tree of Life.



Adventures by Disney has just announced an all new Asian Adventure with a tour through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It will take you through various cities, and temples



One of the big features of the all new Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure will be Flo’s V-Cafe. Check out this all new time lapse of construction of the new diner


ElecTRONica, the popular Dance Party at Disneyland in California will completely shut down as of April 15th. In it’s place will be Mad T Party starting June 15th, just in time for Summer break. Alice in Wonderland characters will be on hand to celebrate. Full story


This will be the last Hurricane season at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The park’s signature coaster will be closed at the end of this year for an all new attraction, a thrill ride, to open in 2013. If rumors are correct, the park should be getting a big new coaster in place of the old one. Full story


A fun game that’s been around for a while let’s coaster lovers have a little coaster fun. It’s not as complex as Roller coaster Tycoon, but it does make for hours of addicting fun. Roller Coaster Revolution can be played for free here


The National Amusement Park Historical Association has named Zippin Pippin as the best new attraction of 2011. In 2010 it was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. A full list of attractions and awards are not available, as the NAPHA will slowly leak out winners for the next few months. Full story


James Cameron, director of Avatar and Titanic has reached a milestone by being one of the very few to sit at the bottom of one of the deepest trenches in the world. Cameron, in a one man sub sat at the bottom of the ocean and broke the record for the longest amount of time spent at the bottom of the ocean



The creative team behind Harold and Kumar want to bring Back to the Future back to the big screen in a remake. The two have eyed the film as ripe for remaking…but no time soon. They want to wait for at least 20 more years. Full story 

We told you last week that Pitbull would be releasing the all new theme song for the upcoming MIB3…and we have it.


Ride of the Day
Holiday World is known for one primary coaster. Can you name it? The Voyage has won awards for years and has become a fan favorite. But the park also has another great coaster, one that takes you out over the lake and brings you through the forest and through tunnels. That is why the Raven is your Ride of the Day