San Diego Comic-Con 2012:Wreck-It Ralph


San Diego Comic-Con 2012 wrapped up last week, and we were there! Many movie studios had a huge presence, and were presenting tons of new films to audiences in hopes of getting early buzz generated. Fans lined up, dressed up and nerded out over their favorite actors, directors and characters. We had the chance to sit in with a few of the press conferences during the Con, and geek out with all the information coming out.

Wreck-It Ralph

Video game to film adaptations rarely work. Usually the character is so simple, and the graphics so fantastical that there’s no way to make it a logical film. Case in point: Super Mario Brothers. The film has no resemblance to the video game. The characters are all there, but you have nothing resembling the cutesy story of a princess in trouble, it goes dark and grungy. Sometimes the video games themselves tell a story that is so vast that it really can’t be condensed into two hours. Case in point:Silent Hill. The film takes the characters from many of the games, a basic storyline and jumbles it all together. It’s a fun film, but fans of the games are left angry and wanting more, while those who aren’t fans are left just confused.Then you have Disney. How do they get around video game adaptations? They make a video game up, and tell a story from a different perspective.

Wreck-It Ralph is a villain in a game. But just because he is the bad guy, it doesn’t make him a bad guy. In the game it’s Ralph’s job to wreck The apartment dwellers call on the game’s hero, Fix-it Felix, who does his job and fixes the building until he reaches the top. He and the apartment dwellers then throw Ralph off of the building.  It’s very Donkey Kong in nature. But when the arcade closes, and Ralph isn’t doing his job, he wonders what it’s like to be the good guy for once.

That’s where the adventure begins, as Ralph jumps from game to game trying to be the hero.

We were able to sit in on the Wreck-It Ralph press conference with actors John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and director Richard Moore.


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