Keeper’s Tales-Strange happenings afoot on the Titanic Ghost Tour


Greetings…you may call me…keeper, for I am the keeper of theme park tales.  I wanted to take a break from documenting our postcard travels to report on a new addition to the I-Drive options that started only a couple weeks ago. For those creatures of the fall that are chomping at the bit for the arrival of the haunt season this may be a small help to keep the chills in your life until September rolls around. We are HUGE fans of the Titanic Experience on I-Drive. We have visited it over a dozen times in its various locations around town and love that they finally have a nice visible location that is big enough to really showcase the treasures they have. As I’ve said before I feel live theatre is so important in our entertainment options and these talented guides are some of the best in town and deserve our support. We have enjoyed the regular tours and got to go on the dinner experience last year. That was the closest thing you’ll get to feeling the emotions of being on that fateful night without the whole nasty death thing to ruin the evening.

We were looking for something to end my vacation Thursday night before I return back to the real world and I heard a radio spot for the Titanic Ghost tours every Thursday night. It didn’t take long to round up the girls and we were on our way to a very different cruise. I have spoken of my love for the whole theatrical experience of a “ghost tour” that focuses on stories as opposed to ghost hunting. My expectations were high that the talented actors at the Ship Of Dreams would really take the concept to the next level and I was not disappointed. After the obligatory welcoming photo and adding some money to the gift shops coffers we were taken into the exhibit by two guides that tag-teamed their way thru the experience.


It was extra special to have the familiar faces of Joe and Jac who we’ve seen many times at the attraction. Jac does a spot-on Molly Brown that is a force of nature bottled up that would put Kathy Bates to shame and Joe has played a variety of very different characters effortlessly in our prior visits. This time they were just themselves which helped enhance the behind-the-scenes feel of this tour. Now don’t you think that because they were not hiding behind characters that no performance was going on. The close to 2 hour tour gave them the luxury to dwell on artifacts, add personal stories, and gave a friendly relaxed pacing that made you feel like you were a friend that they were confiding to. The stories? A mix of mysterious things that happened that night, weird co-incidences, history and remembrances that had a believe it or not feel to them. They also relayed first hand experiences by themselves and other cast members that happened in the dark building after hours…and sometimes DURING HOURS. No cheesy ghost jumping out and saying boo, this was more subtle as the stories wove themselves deep in you. Hearing a creepy story is one thing. Hearing it on the dark, chilly deck of an unsinkable ship in its final moments is quite another. Take it from your pal, keeper…this is a not to be missed experience not only for those that enjoy spooky things and  Titanic fans but also for someone that just plain ‘ol loves a good story told by talented storytellers.

For more information, or to go on your own haunted adventure, visit the official website!


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