Remembering Terminator 2: 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood


On News Years Eve 2012, Terminator 2:3D will be having it’s final performance. In this article we will take a closer look at the Hollywood version (and first to close) of the T2 based attraction, with its strengths and weaknesses.

Before we get into the pictures let’s just go over the history of T2 in Hollywood and how exactly it differs from it’s Orlando counterpart. The first major difference guests will notice is obviously the facade. It was designed to look more like a corporate building instead of the old-Hollywood style facade that USO currently utilizes. This was one of the first cutbacks made to the USH version. Most of which are in the queue/pre-show area. When the attraction first opened in 1999 (4 years after the Orlando version), it had an entrance sign almost identical to the Orlando one, then when Panasonic removed its sponsorship, they updated the facade yet again with the sprawling text “Terminator 2: 3D” all the way across the front.

Then guests enter the Cyberdyne facility and overfill queue area.

Guests pick up their glasses soon after entering the building.


Then you have the opportunity to meet your cast, who are also commonly active in productions that take place on the studio backlot as well.

The queue is all outdoors with the exception of the pre-show area. Unfortunately the overfill queue was used more-so as a HHN maze location than a queue for T2 in the past few years. With its removal Universal will loose one of the best maze locations.

Here is just a quick look at how this exact location (the T2 Overfill queue) is used during HHN.

Back to the queue, guests then travel up a series of ramps leading directly to the pre-show room.

Now we are in the pre-show room. This room also suffered a few minor cutbacks from the USO version. Instead of 4 overhead screens,  Hollywood’s was given only 2, both flanking Kimberly’s platform (which is mirrored from the Florida version)

Kimberly then comes out and welcomes the guests to Cyberdyne systems. Super…

She then plays the Cyberdyne promotional video…

And things go horribly wrong.

Jon and Sarah Connor warn the crowd that Cyberdyne Systems is evil and must be stopped. Then we enter the main auditorium. The preshow video is pretty much identical to that in Orlando.

The main auditorium is also very similar to the one in Orlando. But this where the Hollywood version really shines. It was built with many improved audio, lighting and smoke effects. During the finale the fog from the explosion completely whites out the entire theater. It’s very impressive. There were also cut backs to compensate for the improved theater. The T-70s were reduced in number from 3 on each side to only 2 on each side. That was the only major cutback in the theater and does not really effect the show in any way. The show itself is identical to the other versions with the obvious improvements in audio and theatrical effects.


Then the show begins and we meet the T-70s.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at 
the most advanced fighting machines in 
the world today.  And now... 
let's see just what they can do.

Show us what you’ve got guys.

After that Jon and Sarah break into the theater and Jon is forced to enter the 3D world of Los Angeles in post-apocalyptic future. This is where the Orlando and Hollywood versions are identical, not to mention insanely hard to photograph 3d projected images.

When the show cycle does end guests are lead into a special T2 inspired gift-shop.

T2 Gear and Supply CO.

One thing the Hollywood version has that the Orlando version does not is the CyberGrill. Unfortunetly it’s just a burger, fries and chicken strips dining location so it does not really stand out. This will also likely go when T2 is demolished.

Well that pretty much does it for this look at T2: 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood. It will be missed, but whatever Universal has planned for it will be great (most likely Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem). We cannot wait for it and we thank the cast and crew that have worked on this show for the past 13+ years for their amazing work.

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