Universal Studios Hollywood celebrates “Day of Giving” by giving back to the community


November is the time where most families come together and give thanks for what they have. What if the families don’t have anything? Universal Studios Hollywood is taking the idea of giving to an all new level during it’s 9th annual Giving Day. The park where the movies come to life will be bringing the dreams of young local homeless children to life as Universal Studios Hollywood gives back to the community.



On Thursday November 14th, 250 homeless elementary students from 36 areas in the LAUSD will go on a field trip to the theme park. These youngsters will receive a pair of shoes, clothes and school supplies which the volunteers will help them pick out. After, the kids will embark on an exciting adventure at the theme park. USH President, Larry Kurzweil will be among of the employees helping these children in need.

In addition, Universal Hollywood volunteer employees will venture out into the city as other Universal Studios Hollywood “Day of Giving” events will take place throughout the day at AIDS Project L.A. (APLA); Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home, Homeboy Industries and Shane’s Inspiration.

It’s but one small part that Universal Hollywood plays in helping the community it calls home strive.

For more information about Universal Studios Hollywood, visit the official website by clicking here!