It’s Spreading-The Walking Dead Escape to tour nationwide this summer


It started out small, as it always does. First in San Diego in 2012. The virus spread last year to Philadelphia, and just when it seemed that things had gotten under control, a larger outbreak occurred in San Diego. Soon it spread to New York. Now it looks like it’s spreading again, and before you know it The Walking Dead will be at your front door. Will you be able to escape?


Here’s the current dates listed:

After three successful events in 2013, The Walking Dead Escape is returning in 2014 with even more stops, and more mayhem. The Walking Dead Escape takes the terror of the AMERICAN series and brings it to life like never before in a run for your life haunted obstacle course. Participants run through a special gauntlet of challenges while hordes of zombies chase and try to infect you.
Those who survive get to go to a special party and in some cases get a special reward, those who are infected…well they are taken care of by military doctors trying to keep the disease from spreading. The experience is going to travel this year to several U.S. cities, including Atlanta, where much of the series is filmed.
There isn’t a full list out just yet, but here are the dates and cities that we know so far:

BATON ROUGE, LA – Thursday, April 24th, 2014 – River Center Arena

HOUSTON, TX – Saturday, April 26th, 2014 – Reliant Stadium

MIAMI, FL – Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 – Sun Life Stadium

More coming, including:





Participants can sign up to run in the event, or have your make up dine and become a walker.

Video-Take to survive at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con

While the premise of each event is the same, each event has little differences that makes it a completely different experience.
Video-Get infected in Philadelphia as we run with Walkers

No word on what other cities will be participating, but we are hearing strongly that the Orlando/Tampa area is high in the infection list.

Update 2-9-14

The official Walking Dead Escape Website has listed Tampa as the next stop where the virus will spread, taking over on May 10th at The Sun Dome. This is the first stop in Central Florida, and could be the only as Jacksonville is listed for just a few days later.

For all those who are fans of Halloween Horror Nights, and Howl O Scream, this is the chance to either be a bigger part of the fun by running or by donning make up and becoming a Walker.

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For more information about The Walking Dead Escape, including sign up information, visit the official website by clicking here!