ABC’s “The Middle” films season finale at Magic Kingdom


ABC’s “The Middle” is winding down their fifth season in style, and it’s going to be one Heck of a vacation at Walt Disney World. On Monday the cast and crew were spotted in the park, filming in front of some of the most iconic locations in the park. While it’s not unusual for theme parks to be the backdrop for episodes of TV shows, it is rather rare that you get to see the filming in Magic Kingdom.


The ABC Show follows a family of five through their normal, very hectic lives. The entire cast and crew were on location at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where they filmed in front of places like the Walt and Mickey statue, and Cinderella Castle.



Filming took place in the middle of the day, and in prime locations where crowd levels were very high and visible. This  is a stark contrast to films like Tomorrowland, which filmed in secrecy at the park with a small amount of people seeing the cast and crew.




The fifth season finale of The Middle is expected to air on May 21st, and will be a special one hour episode. It’s pretty fitting, with the fact that many families spend a week in the park.

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