Magic Kingdom Fireworks to stream live New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Eve fireworks at Magic Kingdom are something pretty amazing. There is just something about seeing the castle lit up, with fireworks popping from all sides to ring in the New Year that is amazing. However, there are some that can’t get to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and there are a few downsides to being in the most magical place on earth on New Year’s Eve. If you wanted to catch the fireworks, and not have to travel halfway across the country, or battle the huge crowds, then we’ve got you covered.



The Disney Parks Blog will be streaming the huge New Year’s Eve countdown live on New Year’s Eve from the Magic Kingdom, beginning at 11:40 p.m. EST.

The official Disney Parks Blog has streamed several key events live this year, including the first Frozen castle lighting of the year.

Now, the blog will be streaming one of the largest fireworks displays in the country!

Will you tune in to watch it stream, or will you be in the crowd watching it happen in person?

Fireworks at The Magic Kingdom for New Year’s Eve are a really big deal, and brings in massive crowds. The event is so popular that there will be another showing on December 30th, at the same time. The fireworks will completely surround the park, and they will be visible from almost everywhere in the park.

Of course, The Disney Parks Blog will most likely only have the view of Fireworks above the castle, but if you can’t be there in person, watching them live is still a great idea!

Visit the official Disney Parks Blog for more information!


A little mouse just whispered to us that there will be a special surprise during the broadcast of the live Fireworks. Not sure what the surprise will be, but if I had to guess, I’d say it would be something to do with one of the several high profile movies coming out next year. Cinderella comes out in March, maybe a special appearance by the new Golden Carriage from the film? Tomorrowland also comes out, maybe George Clooney will introduce a special trailer for the film? Star Wars comes out at the end of the year…maybe there will be a Death Star flyby…no, that would be bad. Whatever it is, we’ll all have to tune in to the live stream to find out on New Year’s Eve!

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