USA Today’s “Readers’ Choice” Awards turns the focus to theme parks


USA Today is considered a pretty big deal. So, to be nominated for a “Readers’ Choice” award by them is also a pretty big deal. They have gathered a group of theme park experts to pick out the nominees of their “10 Best” in a variety of theme park categories. Readers can vote once a day, and choose what they think is the best in the nation. The categories are varied, and the parks are scattered all over the country. So, which park will win the biggest awards? You have the chance to decide!

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Awards and Top 10 lists are always a tricky thing to try and do. Believe me, I know…our own “Thrill Weekly Awards” (Five Years and counting) garner a ton of criticism. One of the longest running awards, The Golden Tickets, do as well. Why? Well, because quite simply, what wins isn’t what YOU want to win. And how can that be?!? What YOU want is the best! Right?

Unfortunately, majority rules in awards like these. But, while you may not agree with the winners (or the nominees) it’s always fun to take a look, and vote on the best choices.

This year, the awards have an army of experts, including our friends Lance Hart from, Arthur Levine from and an army of others from several well published and quoted theme park websites.

The categories are:

  • Best Roller Coaster
  • Best New Amusement Park Attraction
  • Best Amusement Park Entertainment
  • Best Amusement Park Restaurant
  • Best Non Roller Coaster Ride

The categories are sure to get enthusiasts in a tizzy, especially since perennial favorites like Cedar Point are largely ignored in the “Best Roller Coaster” category, and there are some rides in the “Best New Amusement Park Attraction” category that aren’t opened yet (to be fair, it’s really a measure of anticipation, more than experience). It will be interesting to see who does come out on top.

Voting is now happening until July 6th, when the polls will close. Voters can vote once a day, and choose the rides, attractions, food and shows that they think are the best.

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To vote for the 10Best, visit the USA Today by clicking here!