Get ready for terror as SCREAM-A-GEDDON hits Tampa this fall!


What are you scared of? It’s just the forest. It just happens to be 60 acres of Old Florida forest. Sure, that creepy looking carnival wasn’t there yesterday,  but as the darkness of fall gets closer, that carnival is getting brighter, and there’s terror lurking behind those lights. It’s SCREAM-A-GEDDON, and it’s an all new Scream Park hitting Tampa Bay.


The all new haunted experience will hit Tampa Bay this fall with 60 acres of terror filled forest, a minster midway full of rides frights and more. The all new experience will open on September 25th, and run select nights until November 1st.  It will feature haunts with huge special Hollywood level special effects, and a level of interactivity that hasn’t been seen before.

“SCREAM-A-GEDDON is a brand new type of horror park that Central Florida has never experienced before. Simply put, words can’t describe the terror within,” says Jonathan Pianki, Marketing Director. “It truly needs to be experienced in order to be believed.”

“Being an independent Halloween horror park allows us to stretch the boundaries of what customers have come to expect at the more ‘corporate’ Halloween attractions in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas,” says Mark Bremer, Creative Director at SCREAM-A-GEDDON. “Victims who want a more interactive, intimate and terrifying haunted experience will be thrilled when our facility opens this fall.”


The new Scream Park will feature a total of six attractions, as well as the midway.
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