Cubs vs. Cardinals-Six Flags makes wager on the two teams


The Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals are slugging it out for a position in the National League Chamipionship. If the Cubs win, it will be a huge moment in history, as they haven’t won a Championship in over 100 years. If the Cardinals win, then there will be a break in what has become an annual tradition, as the powerhouse Cardinals have been to the Championship Series more times than not in the past decade. There’s also something much more important riding on these next two games. Rides and food at Six Flags.



In a very cool bet, Six Flags Great America in Illinois, and Six Flags St. Louis have both made a wager that will change the name of some popular coasters in the park…for the rest of the season. It will also bring some different food to the park. The two parks will swap culinary specialties, when the other team falls, and one team will fall.

If the Cardinals win-Six Flags Great America will rename Raging Bull to Raging Cardinal. The park will also bring in pork steaks with Maull’s BBQ sauce and some famous St. Louis toasted ravioli.
If the Cubs win-Six Flags St. Louis will rename American Thunder to Cubs Thunder. The park will also bring in deep dish pizza from Chicago, with Old Style Beer.

The changes will be for the rest of the season, and if either team goes on to win the World Series, it could be extended!
So, who are you rooting for? Cubs or Cardinals? Personally, we have to go with the Back to the Future prediction, and say Cubs ourselves!

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