Underwater viewing dazzles at SeaWorld San Antonio’s new Discovery Point


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SeaWorld San Antonio has done something that many thought wasn’t going to be possible. They’ve brought guests face to face with dolphins, on the dolphins home turf. It’s an all new Dolphin Underwater Viewing area, and it’s part of the all new Discovery Point at SeaWorld San Antonio.

The Dolphin viewing is just one part of the massive new Discovery Point. Guests can also swim with dolphins, and book other animal interactions such as Beluga Interactions, and the Sea Lion Interaction Program. The dolphin viewing, however, brings guests to an all new level in San Antonio.

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Here guests can watch dolphins play, frolic and even on occasion, interact with them. The new area is an amazing new way that guests can connect with the animals at SeaWorld. The new area also marks the official beginning of a new area in the park. Before the construction started, guests would enter the front gate, and veer to the left to see the dolphins in a smaller, less interactive environment. Now guests enter the central plaza, and can either enter SeaWorld San Antonio to the right, Aquatica straight ahead, or Discovery Point to the left.

Discovery Point is included with theme park admission, as well as the dolphin viewing area. However, dolphin swims are an upcharge activity.
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Special Thanks to Shelley Holder for checking out Discovery Point for us!

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For more information about Discovery Point at SeaWorld San Antonio, visit the official website by clicking here!