Trailer for Rings brings back a familiar monster in completely new situations!


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Back when The Ring first came out, there was something kind of taboo about it. It didn’t feel safe, especially if you were watching it on VHS (ah the long gone tape era). Of course, that was before the sequel and before we all kind of developed a sense of numbness.

Now comes the new film, written by Akiva Goldsman, which picks up on the old monster Samara as she claws her way out of your TV seven days after you watch her movie.


Samara on a plane? Sure, why not. The film hits theaters on October 28th which makes it the perfect Halloween fodder, and the perfect date movie. It looks like the powers that be are trying to get the franchise back on track. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll see a major haunted attraction pick up the property for a haunted maze.

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