Princess Leia will not appear in Star Wars Episode IX


It’s been a bit of a bittersweet day. We’ve had the great new trailer for the Last Jedi, and now we are hearing directly from Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy that the last time we will see Princess Leia will be in the next Star Wars installment, The Last Jedi.

Kennedy told Good Morning America today that despite what brother Todd Fisher has said, Star Wars Episode IX will not include Carrie Fisher or Princess Leia.

“We finished everything in VIII and Carrie is absolutely phenomenal in the movie,” she told GMA, “and we’re so happy we were able to complete filming in the summer. Unfortunately, Carrie passed away at a time when we were well underway with Episode IX in our thoughts. We had not written a script yet. But we’ve regrouped. We started over again in January. Sadly, Carrie will not be in IX.”

See snippet from the interview below:

What that is definitely sad news, Kennedy also says that they have completed the story with Leia, and she is phenomenal in The Last Jedi. It’s definitely a bit of a double edged sword. The company has proven that they CAN do amazing things with an actor’s role digitally with Rogue One, but should they? Fisher was such an integral part of the Star Wars family that it seems best to let her shine with The Last Jedi, and give her the proper send off.

Still…a Star Wars movie with Luke and no Princess Leia? Not sure how I feel about it. What do you think?

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