Video-Get ready to take a “Flight of Passage” at Disney’s Pandora: World of Avatar



Avatar: Flight of Passage is one of two new signature attractions that brings the World of Avatar to life at Walt Disney World. The attraction is nestled away in the base of the floating mountains of Pandora. While the ride is amazing, it’s the queue that builds the story. We’re going to take you right through the middle of that story with our extensive video walkthrough, below.

Watch: Take a walk through the Flight of Passage Queue and Preshow



The first thing to be said about Flight of Passage is that the attraction gives you the best of everything in Pandora. You walk past waterfalls, see amazing plant life, and even go through caves and a bioluminescent forest.



The story picks up as we are looking to experience what it’s like to connect with and fly with a Banshee on Pandora. These amazing bird like creatures soar over the mountains and through the forests. To connect to one is a right of passage for many of the Pandora people.


The queue explores the importance of the connection, and how we are all connected to nature. There are many amazing things in the queue, but the most impressive is the fact that, in the story, we are looking at the world taking over what used to be a military and scientific installation. Humans put the technology there, and now through the queue and the plants and animals, the world of Pandora is taking it all back. That’s what makes the connection so important, we need to understand that this world is simply one we can’t interfere with.


Things take a turn on the science side, and we see labs exploring things like wind turbulence and doing experiments on making connections with N’avi and humans. There’s even a clone floating in a tube.



Once you’re past all the elements of the queue, you go into the preshow areas. These are really well done, and put you into the story even further. There is an element that uses heat signatures to map out your body. You can see yourself in computer form against the wall. You’re even treated to airblasts as you are cleaned, and your DNA is matched up.

All in all, it makes for an amazing experience, even if there are tons of inconsistencies.

Pandora: World of Avatar officially opens on May 27th. Be sure to check out all of our coverage of the exciting new world at Walt Disney World.

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