Cedar Point teases #TheyreComing with new video of Mean Streak


Cedar Point is finally acknowledging that something is coming. Or, maybe two somethings? The coaster that was Mean Streak has been quickly taken over with a new structure and track from Rocky Mountain Construction. The company is directly responsible for the new coaster revolution that sees old wooden coasters transformed into monstrous steel hybrids. The coasters defy gravity, and physics with amazing overbanked turns, steep dives, and inversions…all on a wooden frame.

After months of denying that anything was happening, Cedar Point has revealed a new video showing off the new track…or is it tracks?

They’re Coming. Sounds like a definite tease towards dueling coasters. This would be a first for Rocky Mountain Coasters, and would definitely be a coaster worthy of Cedar Point, who is the home to many record setting coasters. Also, if this is two separate tracks, well in the coaster world that counts as two coasters. That would put the Cedar Point coaster count up to 18, one behind rival Six Flags Magic Mountain, which has 19 coasters. The heat for the Coaster Capital could be once again on.


There’s no indication when this new coaster would open, but it’s not likely to be part of the 2017 season, though it’s possible it could make a debut during Halloweekends. The park already has tons of attention this year, with the addition of Cedar Point Shores, the massive makeover of their long standing waterpark.

Cedar Point will roll out their annual nighttime show, Luminosity, and the VR in park game, Battle for Cedar Point this Friday. There’s plenty of new stuff happening that they could push back the coaster until 2018.



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